What is an ARTLIVED piece?

An ARTLIVED piece is a living artwork or, as Jean Cheville describes it, "A painting that lives, or « Tableau Vivant »".

An ARTLIVED piece is not a movie or a short film, it is an art piece, with a background a drawing or painting, in which one or more characters are portrayed and animated, displaying a number of scenes that would be randomly (or responding to a given impulse) played on the picture. New technologies allow now the reproduction of these ARTLIVED pieces on super-flat and totally silent screens, able to deliver the rendering of a painting on a wall.

The works are still experimental at this stage but already the direction is showing a new route to art expression. The first two characters used for this experimental work have been nicknamed "Bubblehead" and "Venus". None of the samples displayed on this site are for sale.

Who does what?

While it is, by definition, a collaborative work, Mike McNeilly designs the original artwork, and Jean Cheville creates the environment, writes the short poetry-scenario, then animates and records the characters using wireless motion-capture technology.

The team’s initial intention is to create a new poetic and visual language that would become part of the art piece. It is a live art expression that combines visual, animation, text, music and sound effects, but is built to have only a limited number of expressions and applications that would play randomly or in response to a given impulse (timer, calendar or presence). This is not a short film, but a moving and lived picture.